Tuesday, April 3, 2012


first time in this semester, i gave up. YES! i gave up.
so here's the story. my 5th assignment is to shoot 'PhotoJournalism'. PLUS, Malaysian elements in it. i went to Melaka to get that shoot. but unfortunately, i dont get what i want. trip to Melaka is like an eating & sightseeing trip for us. i went to Melaka with my darling (of course), Fatin Athirah and Adiana.
i woke up at 8, when my darling just came back from work..then we start our journey by picking Fatin infront of her house and Adiana at the Dang Wangi LRT Station. we arrived in Melaka at 130 and we head straight to my favourite Asam Pedas place in Bandar Hilir. after filling up our tummy, we then went to the Christ Church near the fort. we got tensed there. we dont see anything that we could shoot. *the thing is that we dont know, we dont see*
so my conclusion now is = im not going to submit anything.

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