Wednesday, April 4, 2012

girl's thing

this semester, i can feel that im drifted away from my old life. this semester, im super busy with assignments. no time for even to get my mani and pedicure! ouch ouch ouch! forgive me my dear body..ive been neglecting u a lot! i rarely have time for myself. 
and not to mention, my facial treatment! damn! its been long since my last treatment! so now, i got blemishes on my face. i made a promise to myself, not to neglect myself anymore. i'll do treatment once i got time..!

Tina from Ireland sent me an email:
"how did u take care of ur face? in my place, its dry and cold. any tips?"

alamak! thats tough! 
i just do my normal routine. cleanse, toning and moisturize. before i sleep at night, i will make sure my face are free from make up. if ure wearing BB cream like me, u need to be extra care while removing it. so that it wont clog ur pores. i put on moisturising mask every once a week and face treatment mask once every two weeks. in Malaysia, the weather is humid hot. so we are prune to blemishes. i use Skin Food from Korea's beauty range. they suits my skin..the most important thing about a product is that they must suit our skin type. if possible, get the sample first. 
thank u for ur email, Tina. i hope this does answer ur questions.

its been long since someone emailing me asking questions. well, to be honest i dont really have a good skin. seriously. i seek help from dermatologist. its easier. hehe! 

thats all for now. i'll continue updating on my unfinished Korean post..

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