Friday, April 20, 2012

Chocolate Drop

hello darlings!
 my entry today is about my recently happened event: Chocolate Drop

this game is very similar to the Money Drop game that was aired on television. its was a very fun game. we managed to get only 10 couples at first. as the game on, there are more and more people come to join this game til we're ran out of question and Syah have to come out with more sets of questions. 
the winner of this game got a pair of movie tickets - BATTLESHIP and hamper. so does the second place. the third place got only hamper..but still, better than nothing right?
so here are some pics taken during that day:

this is what we do best! 

and after that event, we went for a cheese naan!
but sadly, my another 2 members cant join us..Ied and Syah


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