Sunday, April 22, 2012


hi darlings!
few updates from last week thingy!
last week is kinda busy week..but..
i dont know how but i managed to still go out and have fun..hehe!
 muke yg agak tertekan + xtdo memikirkan hal-hal assignments yg tgh bratur
this picture was taken at Level 12 while waiting for the lift to arrive after submitting my Digital Photography's assignment..phewwww~
what a relief!
 i went lunching with mr.Saranghae 
tbe2 trase mcm nk sizzling chicken mushroon yee mee..nyum nyum nyum!
 after that, we went for our dessert time!
its the grass jelly thingy..really2 nice!
and the waiting system is super updated!
they used vibrating UFO! hehe! u may google it since may of the people updated their blog about it.
 as usual..sempat lg..berposing in the car..
 i went for my mr.Saranghae hockey game
he lost, but it was a good and fair game
biase la, game kn..ure not always the winner..
the view from the window..but the skies supposed to be in orange-ish color..xpe la..still, i like it! super nice!

well, that are all that i would like to update. i will update as soon as i got stories to tell.

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