Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 5 in Seoul, Korea

we got lunch date with the people from APCEIU
so we took a train to the place..somewhere..

this is Bo
she's from Thai. after soooo many years working in Korea, she is very fluent in speaking Korean 
 the side dish

 SangMo shi..a friend of my mom
 me with Bo and Dewi..Dewi is Indonesian. just like Bo, she is very fluent in Korea

 coffee after lunch!

 the dessert are tempting!

 my bro, SangMo oppa and me!

me with SangMo oppa! 
 this is where my mom works
 one of the hall in APCEIU's building
 nice rooftop!

 direction to Times Square, Korea
 me infront of the Times Square
kinda luxurious shopping mall

 and as usual..
 cosmetic shop!

 in Malaysia, we're proud to ride Sonata
but in Korea, sonata is the taxi

 back to the office..waiting to have dinner with Mr.Director

 we had dinner with APCEIU's Director, which is a friend of my mom

 us..with the Director
guess what? his son is the designer for Korean KPop group, Shinee!

 we watch Nanta! its like a musical show that uses kitchen appliances to produce sounds

 Hello Kitty's cafe!
 teobukki for supper!

 im loving this! seriously! mashissayooo!

night life in HongDae!


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