Monday, April 2, 2012

My Darling's Birthday!

on 27 March 2012,
my dearly darling turned 27! 

on 25th March, we went out to IKEA together with Adiana Othman a.k.a Edie. we had lunch at the IKEA. as usual, im having my meatballs, cake and extra broccoli while my darling had 15 meatballs and chicken wings..and Edie got herself salmon! it was really a nice lunch. IKEA never dissatisfy me .
well, my darling wanted to buy stuff for his house. then we watched Hunger Games. that movie was nice! i really enjoyed watching it. 
at the IKEA we bought side table, 2 mugs, dustbin, and towel..
well, he asked me to move in with him! im super excited! i even going to have my own mug at his house! 
then we went to Tesco, next to IKEA.
Edie wanted to buy her mineral water stocks. and i bought a lil more things from there.
well, after finished with all those shopping activities, we went home. but before that, i sent my darling to his workplace. so his car is going to be with me that night until the next day. i have to complete my assignments. so thats why im using his car. thank u soooooo much darling for lending me ur car. and guess what? i can drive manual car now! *tp still semput2 laaa*
on 26 March 2012, we went out again..! i also dragged Edie with us! well, i have to complete my shooting. so i need Edie to be the camera-woman. but then, thanks to my all went well! hehe! then later, we hangout at McD Bangsar. my darling promised to accompany me to do my drawing. and Edie was completing her work too. 
well, me and my darling had an argument that time. he then didnt let me go back to hostel. because its his birthday, i agreed to overnight with him.
he drove to Pelita. the first place we meet. we sat there and recap on the things going before we met face-to-face. 
i kissed him exactly at 0000 *according to my watch* and wished him Happy Birthday. he is super touched! and im glad!
then we went home.
the next day, i sent him to work. then later, i surprise him with this:
hehe! and again..he was shocked..
so that means my surprise menjadi!
-im sorry that i cant be there with u when u blow the candles..but i hope ure enjoying this ice cream with friends-


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