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Thursday, October 21, 2010

19 October 2010 - Innovative Edge Designz's Meeting

sorry for the late post..even its been 2 days ago, i still want to post something.
after all, its my blog. i punye suke lah! huhu! 

today, meeting about our FYP progress to be presented this thursday (its today actually).
cornelious made a great job. im liking his works. hehe! 
(I love u Cornelious!!! <3 <3 <3)
everything seems to be fine. tinggal report and presentation slides je yg kne prepare. in my eyes, our project was perfect! xtau la pe yg Sir Rafidei & Mdm Suzidiana akan ckp esok..
throughout this semester, all we did was altering the FONTS (sizes, spacing, alignments).
week 10, madam ckp "owh, korg wat CD, bukan website?" 
haha! seriously, bru week 10 madam found out that we didnt make website? huhu!
she is sooo funny.
well, these are the pictures on the day that Cornelious, Fatin, Shabil and me have meeting.

cornelious, me & aten

cornelious & me

last but not least, me & Shabil

i was laughing while looking at this picture. Shabil looks like bapak org! dgn misai tebal! org soh trim, xnk. its okay la honey. up to u..its urs after all. these photos are taken at Level 9 with really2 dim light. haha! we love to do out works in the dark.
by the way, i love u guys. thanks for ur efforts throughout this project. and im truly sorry if i did scold u..or pissed u off. im sorry..

* * * * *

well, as for now : its 1.15am 21/10/2010
i will have my Final Year Project's presentation at 10am this morning. sooo nervous! but i dun really scared..bcoz pg besok mesti xramai yg dtg..class xde, mesti sume org nk tdo..hehe! hopefully everything will goes on smoothly..
we'll dress up in black..hehe!
and plus, i have to submit my assignment tomorrow. 5 pages of essay tittled "Peranan Masjid dalam Pembangunan Insan Remaja" phewwww! 
i feel soooo great after finishing it!

thats all for now. see u guys soon!


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