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Thursday, October 21, 2010

finally, my Final Year Project is OVER!!! so relieve..
td madam suzi okay je..siap back up kitorg lg ble sir rafidei komen mcm2.
actually, when he first saw our group, he said "group ni i xske. potong markah!". what the hell is he saying that for? die ingt kitorg ni ske sgt kot kt die. i got C for my Fundamental of Animation during my third semester! during the presentation, he keeps on commenting our project. but, lantak la. we did a good job. its his problem that he dun understand what we're saying. too bad.

one down, a few more to go..

still got web programming..thats tough too. we're going to really try our best best to that. in that class, me & shabil was the first person who finished the exercises given. so, i am really going to that well. 
pray for me ya!

these are a few photos taken after our FYP's presentation:

* * * * *

the worst part of the day, INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP's presentation!
well, en.megat call me to ask us to present our report at 430. so after discussing with the other member (eza & shabil), so, we decided to just go for it.
he asked us what are our problem that make it difficult for us to achieve rm1500 target.
so we answered :
1. no time (as we're final year students)
2. money problem (for eza & aten)

the he answered :
"that is ur problem" 

should i piss off? haha! eza went kinda overboard that she really fight with en.megat. he look at me in the eyes. OMG! does he thinks, im afraid of him?
hell NO!
dah la..malas nk komen lebih2 pasal. lantak lah ye. 
but now, he gave us 1 week time to find rm600 in order to achieve our rm1500 target. 
if not, i only going to get 25% of out 50%.
im going to fail if i didnt reach the target.

oh God..please help me..


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