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Sunday, October 31, 2010

seriously, i dun know what to post..
but i like this photo.
this photo was taken during our class trip to Port Dickson.
two of us..merayau2 mencari tempat shooting. hehe!

well, shabil is spreading his wing.
he and his friend is opening their photography business. as a freelancers. 
their work is awesome (im not complimenting them because one of them is my bf, but its true). 
see their work for urself. here's the blog :

as for me, im going to start my freelance photographer job in Penang. i already booked this 21 November. i can see the cash flowing in already..hehe! (gile mate duitan tul!)

okay la, thats all for now.
will update soon.

x o x o

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