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Thursday, October 21, 2010


i called me..ask for help..i help u..
u told me that ure being stabbed..u sounded so innocent..
but ure actually liar.
i cant believe that i actually believe u..
u told people lies about me..till all people blame me..
ure the 1 who stabbing me all this while..
im so stupid to believe u..
things that u told me, ALL LIES.
coz ive heard the other side of the stories..
u told me the opposite and u tols me not to tell anyone or ask anyone.
ure actually afraid that i might find out the truth right?
too bad, i wun forgive u.
5 semesters is enough for u to fool me around.
FULLSTOP! thats it.
im not going to tolerate anymore.
pandai2 la ko nk hidup.
hidup ni bukan selame-lamenye.. ure not always going to be on top.
ko buat aku, aku akan pastikan, ko xkn aman.
u wun notice what i will do to u..


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