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Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday + Sunday + Monday

hello people!
its me again. (who else will it be since this is my blog?)
so, my dilemma on saturday was answered when i decided to go back to seremban. hehe!
after my last post, i trus take a train to Seremban. wan nk amek, but i think its menyusahkan je. so, i called abah that im coming home! hehe!
i arrived in Seremban exactly 12a.m (my BB's time). abah is already there waiting for me. hehe! tersengeh je die tgk as i walk to the car. hehe! smpi je rumah, g bilik wan. wan terkejut tgk i balik that night. 
she said "kato td xjd balik..tibo2 yo tepacul kek sni..heyyy budak nieh!".
then i trus ajak wan kuar mkn kt Pak Abu. (stall yg bukak smpi 3 4 pg jual nasi lemak & ayam goreng kawwww!)
then janji dgn my dear kazen, nurul to meet us there. mkn, minum, mkn, borak2, gosip2, gelak2, kul 2 i balik. balik tu trus pengsan.

bloated + sleepy

* * * * *

the next morning, abah kejut i around 10 soh fetch my brother kt Cyberjaya. dgn xmandi, juz brush my teeth & basuh muke, i pun g la fetch my brother dgn abah. wan stay at home masak lunch. (gulai ayam kampung masak lomak! our all time fav)
my dear bambam promised to come around changed. he didnt finished his work. so he couldn't come.
around 6pm, my brother ajak kuar g Seremban 2. so we went out while wan, abah, mama went to visit org sakit kt Gamin (i dun know where is that). so we went jalan2 tanpa arah tujuan in the mall. tgk handphones la..tgk kasut la..hehe! then after that g Secret Recipe enjoying cakes (my treats). bile lg nk blanje my dear ONLY brother sekor tu kn..hehe!
ibu call that night. saying that she fine and having soooo much fun in JEJU ISLAND,KOREA. she said she's going for SUBMARINE TRIP. OMG!!! im soooo jealous! but ibu promised that next year, all of us will go to Korea after she return from Sweeden. i hope that will actually happen!
then before balik, i bought sponge cake. balik2 je hbs. haha! kalau tau sume suke, i beli 2. huhu! tp wan & abah da de kencing manis. so xleh mkn bende manis2 sgt..elok la tuh bli 1 je..hehe!

my new fav - oreo cheese

as usual my brother's choice = walnut brownies

* * * * *

im sooo shocked that my bambam can wake up after 1 call at 6 am. huhu! slalunye, after berpuluh2 miss calls, bru la die sedar, thanked God for that.
he is coming!!!
he got onto the train at 730 am. so i budget around 930 die smpi la. but, die smpi at 9. he called, then i trus g amek die dgn xmandinye..haha! xpe la, bukan nk trun pun. g amek die je. huhu! around 10am, bertolak from home to office abah. abah g kje sooo early in the morning. so before send amir back to MMU, g la jumpe abah dlu. that is the first time Shabil went to abah's new college called

::East West College::

its majoring in hotel management. so now shabil xleh la nk kte i tipu die. my dad really have a college, okeh?! haha!

after hantar amir, kitorg balik tdo then kul 330 pm kuar g LEMAN DAWI mkn cendol. its famous in Negeri Sembilan. tp agak bingit gak la telinge duk mkn cendol kt situ. Leman Dawi tu byk ckp. sume pasal sejarah. klakar pun ade. org sume gelak je tgk die asyik bercakap je. hehe!
cendol die serious murah. cendol biase rm1 klu de pulut / kacang / jagung, rm1.50. klu nk tambah pape, FREE.
nice kn..yg bestnye, klu nk air barli, its FOC (free of charge). xkire la nk minum kt situ ke..nk bungkus ke..its free..i xtau la mcm mne die amek untung. hehe!

now, im in KL already. have oooodles of works to do. but im trying my very2 best to update my blog. got presentations to final year project..arrggghhhh! quite tense!
but im glad its almost over. 
no need to face the people that i dont like anymore! yay!
ni td before balik hostel, me and Shabil had dinner @subway, KL sentral. its my vegetarian night. huhu!

soo tired now..gudnite people! see you guys soon ya. tata!


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