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Monday, October 25, 2010 we know..
never easy
but somehow i dont understand how can other people take all things in life as easy as ABC? 
poor grades, its OKAY. as long tak fail. 
but not for me, im trying my hardest to get more than juz okay.
i grew up in a family that grades are really matter. u'll be considered as lazy if u got poor grades. even if u tried ur best to it. 
yeah. thats my life. 
my mom wun juz accept poor grades. last semester, i got 3.4. she dont even say anything. 

if ure in a group, 
klu la ko tu malas sgt. xkn bg idea pun xbleh? 
knape ble xde klas je xnk dtg campus? knape ble xde klas je g dating? shopping? lepak2?
serious, i xpaham.
u tau u got loads of works to do, but u still behaving like u got nothing to do than juz waasting ur time.
i admit, i went shopping too.
i went out watch movies too.
i went out dating too.

i did my part. i finished my works.
seriously, i xpaham.
and malas nk ckp pape..nnt kecik hati, gaduh, langsung xckp.
i hate to create scene.
but  since the first semester, i saw people messing around with their grades.
ur parents kuar duit send u to KL to study. bkn main2..
thats not my problem.
just giving opinion on this situation.

*tidak melibatkan mne2 pihak yg masih hidup ataupun yg sudah meninggal dunie ye*
klu anda terasa, not my fault. im juz saying.
yg baik kte amek jd tauladan. yg buruk jadikan la sempadan.


x o x o

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