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Thursday, October 28, 2010

the waitings.

adoi..pecah kpale la nk wat pe for Shabil's birthday. 
all these years, i made the card, the gift..
tp rse mcm nk wat something different from the past years. xbest la klu same je kn..huhu!
i have a few ideas (xleh ckp kt cni. nnt da xsurprise if he read this), but need lots of medium la plak kn..
well, i'll try my very2 best to do it! 
i hope this time he make him remember me ALWAYS!

* * * * *

later (now is considered as Thursday already), i will have my Web Programming II's presentation. all done. 
good job buddies (eza, aten & shabil)!!!
finally, our nightmares are over!
we can start having our sweet dreams from now on..

*eh, almost forgot about the final plak!*

so now, we can start focusing on our final exam :
i really2 hope that i can do really2 well this semester.
i cant wait to end this semester. so that i dont have to see that fellas's face! haha! 
really2 cant wait.
hope not to see u til death!

p/s : goodluck people on ur finals. see u guys again soon.

x o x o

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