Monday, February 7, 2011

i love to blog. but now i really dont know what to mumbling about. hehe! but still, i wanna write. there a lots of things going on lately. things like what happened in Egypt. they might be war going on over there (well, i dont have TV here in hostel. so i dont know much about it. but i hope its juz fine over there). then the floods in the south part of peninsular malaysia. i saw that news on TV. soooo sad. the flood was horrible. theres a place where only the roof can be seen. OMG! i dont know what will i do if i were in that situation. thanked God. but now, we hav to pray for the people who are in needs no matter where they are in the world
im SUPER lucky to have the best people in my life!

                     1. best guy = shabil shamsuddin
                     2. best buddies = eza shaera zairuslan & fatin athirah roslay
                     3. best roomate = adiana othman
                     4. best cousins = nani & nurul
                     5. best brother = amir akram abd rahman
                     6. best mom = rohizani yaakub
                     7. best dad = abd rahman mohd ali
                     8. best grandma = habibah bt hj wok a.k.a jilibah

haha! i got all i wanted in life because of them. im happy, sad, pissed off, laughing, crying with them. i began to appreciate all of them now. they sometimes make me angry, but i still get what i want from them. i got L.O.V.E from the best guy. i laugh with my best buddies. in the hostel, my best roomate company me. when im hungry, or even when im not, i eat with my best cousins. when i want to laugh over stupid things, my best brother will create a joke, spontaneously! when i want new things or something delicious to eat, my best mom will get it for me. when i want more money ($.$) or i dont have anymore money, my best dad will give me money..hehe! when i want to 'manje2', my best gandma will cuddled me. hehe!
so now i should be thankful that i have ALL THESE! i dont want to loose any of those! oh God, please..dont take any one of them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

during my holiday last week, i manage to catch a few korean dramas at KBS. but currently, the office's internet is the boss as us to stop youtube-ing for korean songs or dramas. oh, what should i do then? only facebook and blog updating? haiyooooo..hopefully the line will be okay soon. i cant live without the, i forgot! i got my own broadband! hahahahahahha! yay! problem solved then. hehe!
*penat je tulis..*

tp broadband slow..mcm mne nk tgk korea drama nieh? hish! xpe2, bak kate shabil "when there is a will, there will be a way". hahahahhahahah! (jgn marah yea syg..). so currently im watching this drama too. it called "single daddy in love". funny drama. juz my taste. i dont like and i hate super long and dragging drama. so far, okay la this drama..esok luse, xtau la best lg ke x..huhu! this drama is about a single daddy who raise his 6 years old son alone after being left by his wife (roughly, mcm tu la critenye..utk tau dgn lbh lanjut, tgk la sendiri!)

well, that's all for now..i have to take my shower since i havent get any since back from work. hehe! see u guys soon! do drop comments,k. 

x o x o

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