Thursday, February 17, 2011

I was on my bed while writing this post..I juz came back from rains heavily at KL Sentral. So I went to the food court with Shabil (oh yea..forgot to tell that, Shabil come pick me up today). The food there was okay la..boleh makan la..I ate Thai Chicken Sizzling with rice, and Shabil ate Thai Beef Sizzling with rice. We have a lot of things to catch-up since I'm busy with work and Shabil is busy with studying and his stuff.
Shabil told me his problem..but I couldn't help him..pity u syg..xpe la syg,k..sabar je la k..I really2 miss him! We promised to catch a movie together this weekend. Hopefully it happens..huhu! We're going to watch NO STRING ATTACHED. So I'm going to make an online reservation..
Urgh! I am soooo tired! Working life is tiring! I don't want to work anymore..boleh x? I've asked my mom that question. And guess what she answered : "baik la ko xpyah smbg degree lps ni. Duit tu buat a bli handbag + shopping. Xde la membazir nnt". Haha! What a stupid question to asked right?
I was thinking of having lunch with Eza while settling the matter tomorrow..but busy plak die. Xpe la..malas nk kacau. People have their live too..
I think that's all for now. I wanna and take my shower..I'm super sticky after a day xmandi! Bubbye!

x o x o

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