Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Dearest Abah's mini birthday gathering

as usual la kn..our favorite frozen yogurt

hello people! haha! photos abpve are taken at J.Co Donuts Pavilion,KL. while i was waiting for my dad to come and pick me up to go back to Seremban. huhu! me and my dear Bambam had 2 J.Cool yogurt..huhu! thats our fave! then we saw a handmade candy..wah..SUPER impress with them. the candy looks so soft! i'll buy them one day. hehe!

it was a last minute plan to have my dad's belated birthday. around 3pm on Saturday, we (me, wan, and amir) planned to just celebrate it at home. so here's the menus :

1) Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
2) Prawn Fritters
3) Mee Goreng (mama buat)
4) Cake! 

while i was planning for the mini party, i msg-ing with Nani. my dear cousin kate die xde wat pape and sudi menghadirkan diri to my dad's gathering. so here's the guest list: 

1) yours truly, me of course!
2) amir akram (my brother)
3) nani, my dear cousin
4) kak kin (my sis + hubby + 3 kids)
5) abg oun (my bro + wife + 3 kids)

*to my other sibblings, next year wat lg korg mesti dtg k*

chit-chatting, rupenye ramai la pulak yg birthday in all of u, happy birthday yea! semoge panjang umur, dan dmurahkan rezeki..amin..


p/s: to sape2 yg birthday nye xdisebutkan di sini, mintak maaf yea..lupe..huhu!

so here's the photos taken during groceries shopping time and during the gathering. ENJOY!

me without proper makeup going to Pasar a.k.a TESCO

my fave chocolate cake!

the food..hehe! 
amir + nani yg tolong fry kn the prawns..thank u guys.. jasamu dikenang

me + wan + mama

my beloved wan + me

gulai udang masak lemak cili api

my cousin, nani + wan + me

at this point, wan ckp "budak2 ni begamba yo pulak"

my beloved brother, amir

nani + wan

cucu2 Jilibah yg goma an camera! huhu!

mama + abah

wan menyonggee lopeh kono sakat dgn abah..haha!

hehe! im SUPER happy that i still got to celebrate my dad's birthday! im super looking forward for the next year birthday gathering. hehe! its been long since my dad's birthday celebration with me. i think, my last having this kind of gathering with my dad was in 2005, and im 15 at that time. now, im 21 already. super long time! hehe! 
thats all for now. im going to update again soon! 

x o x o

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