Tuesday, February 15, 2011

what goes around, come around..what goes up, MUST come down

hurm..these days been soo hard for me. i have to take ALL the blame. yeah, its my fault. but not juz me. but im the ONLY person blamed. xpe la. malas nk pk byk2.. these few days, i almost fainted. i got migraine almost every minutes in my life. my blood pressure dropped. OMG! im SUPER depressed.
i did what i have to do. so im not regretting any of it. im kinda disappointed with the people involved. haha! the world is spinning. yes, u cant feel it, but thats the reality. i believe in karma. what u did to me is unacceptable. one day, u'll feel what i feel right now. i wun wish u to have a happy life. one day, u will fall. then, u will remember what u've done to me for the rest of ur life. haha! that time, i will be laughing at u. u know who i am, u know what i can do. if u messing around with me again, i wun juz stay still. THAT'S MY WORD.

x o x o