Monday, February 7, 2011

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this post have been made due to my boredom. huhu! *nasib la yea kepada pembaca sekalian*
ive been wondering, what am i doing in this office? i got nothing to do. watch korean dramas, korean songs..browsing the internet with no sense of online news..updating my facebook account..commenting people's pictures, status the post..seriously, i got nothing to do..huhu! since in here, i juz did a few works. now im confused, i dont really want to have any work. i juz wanna enjoy my days before going back in class next semester. haha! 
btw, i juz submitted my degree applications. well, im going to be STILL studying in UniKL. even i hate it so much, but i have to other option. if i continue at other IPTA/IPTS, i will be end up taking longer time to finished my studies. in UniKL, i will only have 3 years left. so i will OFFICIALLY GRAD in 2014! huhu! insyaAllah..
im kinda looking forward for the next semester. hope to find new people and i hope NOT to see THAT CREATURE again! this time, i wont bother about others anymore. i wun help anybody anymore. insyaAllah, i will be juz fine being alone. theres no use for me to hav friends that will end up STABBING me. i've had enough of THAT already. i dont need that kind of THINGS in my life! 

*taken using my hp at my workspace*

i am sooooo much happy with my life now. this year been soooo kind to me. ive celebrated my birthday, THREE TIMES! and im looking forward for my another birthday gathering this weekend with my another family (Abah, Wan and Mama). i know its probably going to be in Royal Bintang. my first one was with my closest friends. second was in Swiss Garden Lumut with Ibu and Amir and the third was in Kelantan with 3 blueberry cheesecakes and 1 oreo cheesecake! SUPERB! and now, im SUPER fat due to the cheese. 
i think this all for now..i will update soon!

p/s : mcd td lmbt giler! SUPER late! more than 1 hour! they dont even give any freebies..!

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