Friday, February 25, 2011


uh! i miss my blog! this week have been super busy for me. i got double job. i have to do some designs, and i have to complete data in Excel file. i have kinda rough time with the designing things. i dont really get the concept at first. but im super lucky that i have to do it with Kak Lina (she is one of the staff here). at first, i juz came up with a .jpeg but then they asked for .gif. thats when my difficulties arise. im soooo bad in creating stilled images animate. huhu! and as for the data, i have to complete to atleast 2000+ data. huish! super tired. and tensed too.
but today, i managed to finish them all. hehe!

these are the best two of my designs (i think so) :

and another thing that i miss is my baby EOS. its been long since i last handing my baby. later, shabil is going to bring it to me! cant wait. im super glad that today is already Friday. later, i planned to go to MidValley. i need to detoxify my body. huhu! yeah, ayat gedik. i need my weekly dose of JuiceWorks. i need something that will detoxify my body. as for tomorrow, i promised my brother to go back to Seremban. so im going back early in the morning tomorrow with Adiana. my grandmother is staying alone, so thats why me and amir wanted to go back. WE LOVE OUR WAN!
well, technically because i cant go back to Seremban next week. ibu is coming to KL next week. so i have to be in my best behavior to NOT going back to Seremban. last time i went back, she dont sound pleased after she knows that im in Seremban celebrating my dad's birthday. well, thats the ugly truth in life when u got divorced parents. u need to have a strong heart in order to lie to one of ur parent. yeah, thats what ive been doing all this while. ONLY the lies will pleased both parties.
eh, i almost forgot! LA SENZA is ahving sale now. all up to 50% and plus 15% for Prestige Card's member. isn't that great? haha! yeah, im definitely GOING later. hehe! esok da xsempat. so i need to catch up the sale! hehe!
the worst part is, SHABIL IS GOING BACK TO PENANG TOMORROW! uh, how can i survive in KL alone? but there's nothing that i can do. he cant juz neglect his family. his parents might miss him, its okay. shabil can go back to Penang. even its hard for me, it going to be hard for him to. he have to please me and his parents. nnt diorg kecik hati, susah plak.
and Shabil will be back here in KL again on Thursday or Friday. he have something do to with Pengajian Islam class. i hope he's going to have fun in Penang. he's not going for long pun..
it think this all for now. i will update soon with things to be updated here. take care darlings!

x o x o

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