Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Kitty Themed

juz look at those photos. uh! im SUPER jealous! i want that too!
while Shabil in US, he bought me few stuff from Sanrio. i got a necklace with the big face of kitty..hehe!
Emma Watson got that too! (but hers is real diamond!) 
i wish i could have that too. there is Sanrio's mini outlet in Isetan,KLCC. im super in love with the hello kitty head pillow. it costs rm200++. 
yeah, i had a fight with my mom and my dear shabil about that pillow.
i saw Paris Hilton have that pillow in her arms! SUPER jealous! 
u know what? i could die from jealousy!

check this out:

ive touched that pillo. SUPER soft! that pillow is soooo going to worth my money. i'll buy that! tggu la ko yea! its been long since im collecting Hello Kitty stuff. i want to collect that again.

and i am wondering, can i have this dress fro my wedding?

this is sure going to be fun if its here, in Malaysia.


thats enough for now..makin ditengok, makin gerammmm! 

x o x o