Monday, February 28, 2011

weekends in Seremban

i went back to Seremban on Friday's night. me and Edie was like running to catch the the last train to Seremban. we're super lucky that we got to catch that last train. huhu! siap spt seat lg!
we arrived around 0010, amir & wan came to pick us up at the train station..then we planned to get something to drink (or eat) at Senawang, tp da smpi tu Wan plak xnk, plan changed. balik rumah terus. balik, before going to bed, bincang where to go tomorrow..haha! mcm2 plan kuar..hehe! melaka, pilah..
next morning, (Saturday) we decided to got to Nilai, umah my dear cousin, Nani. Kina and anak die pun ade jugak. hehe! so, berkampung la kami seketika..diorg nk g MidValley. nk g Tony Roma's (baru dapat gaji la katekn...) well, we're not joining them. diorg siap2 nk kuar, kitorg pun kuar jugak..
on our wat back to Seremban, we stopped at ICEROOM! uh, the ice creams was super nice! 2 thumbs up!! me & Wan was having Yam Ice Cream, Amir = kiwi ice cream and Edie = Avocado ice cream..

after having ice cream, we went back home. then me, Amir, Edie and Ika decided to got to Ayer Panas Pedas. haha! the admission is rm12 each. u know what? I HATE IT. there's frog swimming with us in the river-like pool. sucks! nothing is there! AND THE WATER IS SUPER DIRTY! u know what? we end up sitting and chit chatting in the warm watered pool! damn them who did that place! WE TOTALLY HATE THAT PLACE!

then later that night, we went to Seremban 2 to buy some stuffs. Wan asked for eggs and oats. but we then bought a lot of other things too. huhu!
waaaaa! this weekend have been the SPENDING WEEKEND! haha! ive finished all my money! hahahahahhaha! but its all worth it! i got to be with the person i love. and i got to have fun!
btw, i got a lil' something for my dear youngest brother, JOAQUIM for his birthday. i hope he's gonna like it. now, im in KL already. i heve to got to work tomorrow while the other people had their semester break. uh, this is so not fair!
well, thats all for now. i will update soon! have a great day ahead!

x o x o

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