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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3rd of January

hello bloggies! 

how was ur day so far? mine was nice. im enjoying every minutes of it. the holiday is almost over! now, i feel like im tired of sitting and doing nothing and just sleeping. but in a few weeks, im gonna be tired of doing works. haha! 
u know what, i want to make some changes in my life. i dont want to be that person who always do things to please others. no, i wont do that anymore. i dont need friends that dont even bother to be my friends. i dont care. and i certainly dont wanna care whether or not people are talking about me or not. my mom said, if theres people talking about u that means ure good. and if people try to bring u down, that means ure on top of them. so, u dont have to be worried. after having thinking deeply about it, YES. its super true. why didnt i think of that earlier? hmmm...
im not saying that im good or super good. but trying my hardest to be at where i am right now. well, my big bro gave me some advice, "if u think ure good enough, there are many people who are better than u. if u think that ure rich, there are many people who's richer than u". its true! but then, when is the time i ever bragging about what i have? haha! i dont like bragging because i hate bragger. i shouldnt do things that i dont like. right? 
to be honest, im not rich. just that i get enough fine food, good clothes, nice accessories, gadgets that i want and going to places. thats all. my parents dont drive Ferrari or Jaguar. they drove simple cars. we dont live in big 5 storey bungalow. in penang, we live in an apartment. in my dad house, we live in single storey house. in my mom house, we live in double storey terrace house. we dont have big swimming pools. i dont have car. if i need to use car, i'll borrow from my dad. so do my lil bro, Amir. my dad gave my bro his Volvo to drive in his campus. see now? im not rich. im just blessed.  
im going to continue enjoying my life. with or without people in it. my life, my world, my decision. i dont need anybody to tell me what to do. i'll seek help from my families if i need help. how i live my life? dont bother.  i want to go wherever i want to go. i can go alone. im big enough now. its a bonus that i have a lover now. i hope it lasts. as far as i concern, nothing lasts forever. and im afraid of losing what i have now. 

so ladies, just enjoy ur life. forget about others. life is too short to be wasted. if ure single, enjoy that moments. if ure coupled, be sure that u take care of that relationship. u'll never know how much it worth til u loose it. so dont let that happen.

x o x o

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