Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cooking Wednesday!

i was left at home today with nothing to eat. my mom left super early in the morning for work. 
so im kinda forced to cook. 
as i opened my fridge, i saw raw chicken that has not been cleaned yet.
so i put on my pinky gloves, and i began cleaning up the chicken. hehe! kinda awkward. 
i usually got the cleaned chicken to cook.
but today, i have to clean them up myself.
then i look for ingredients.
well, nothing much.
i took out chilli paste, oyster sauce.
the chilli paste is to make it spicy since i dont have any other chillies in the fridge. 
then i googled for recipe. hehe!
i found one the suits to my ingredients.
then i cooked the rice.

at home, we mix these two rice.
ordinary rice with the brown rice
usually we mix it with the multi-grains too..but its finished already..

haaaa...i managed to get everything in the pan. hehe!

ta daaaa! a bit spicy. but really nice! hehe!
call me pro!
walaupun dah lame xmemasak, still jadi! im super dupper happy! yay!

x o x o

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