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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


everybody wants a perfect wedding. since i have lots of time, i berangan. here are the things i found on the net. 

1. my dream wedding dress: 

2. the hairstyles that will go with the dress:

3. my dream wedding cakes:

4. my dream engagement ring:

i want something like this. awwww...super nice!

5. my dream wedding rings:

soooo sweet!

6. my dream wedding favour:

something sweet for the sweet-tooth.

tp, i nk kawen lmbt lg..berangan je lebih. haha! in a few more days, maybe i will change my mind pulak. haha! to those yg nk kawen dgn i, this is roughly my idea. so get the cash ready yea.. ($.$) 

x o x o

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