Sunday, January 22, 2012

my birthday in Kelantan!

hello darlings! 
how are u guys doing?
i guess u guys are really enjoying ur extra 2 days right?
suke kn? haha!

well, im in Kelantan right now
dah lame xbalik Kelantan
and as usual, mesti pitstop kt tmpt makan belut 
ahhhh! mmg sedap!
i lioke! 
dah lame xmkn that belut..!

CikSue janji nk celebrate my birthday!
haha! so this is my third time having birthday cake! 
ahhhh..rosak sudah diet!

this is baked macaroni.
sedappp! i should learn how to make this!

see, lychee cake with mixed fruits on top
mmg sedap!

sampai2 je rumah we're served with foods and durians..and cake!
well, i can say that amir is getting super fat right now! haha!

i'll update more soon, okay!


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