Monday, January 2, 2012

hello 2012!

hello darlings!

happy new year! so how your new year's celebration? as for me, it was awesome! i celebrated it with families in PD. fireworks and loud music..yeah! i like it! i almost sprain my ankle. my bad..
well, on our first day, that late afternoon, we went swimming at the hotel's pool. it was fun..superb lame da xswimming. then second day, went for a banana boat's ride. that was awesome! super awesome! that was the best of the best moments in 2011. Kina and Nani was super funny that they cant get on the boat after being thrown into the sea. damn! i cant reach the sands! nasib baik xlemas! kitorg gelak gile varvi! hahahahha!
then later that night we had seafood for dinner. niceee!

im on in Penang. this probably my last time coming back to Penang since Ibu is on her sebatical's break. she will be travelling a lot. this is super sad. :-(  im going to miss my little room. hehe!
Nani and Amir are coming this weekends! yay! going to have 'makan besar' lg this weekends!

me and ibu now are thinking of buying trousers for our ski trip this March. i got my bubble jacket already! i want pink but ibu bought me black instead! alaaaa...nk kne pujuk ibu bli lg 1 yg warne pink! together with the gloves and the snow-cap. haha! cant wait for March to come! hehe! no shopping2. just travelling! yay!  

lets pray that all our wishes come true in 2012.
i'll update more soon!
have a great day ahead!

x o x o

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