Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(Pics) 1st week of school

 hello bloggies! 
here are few pics taken during my first week of semester 2

my first day! pkai simple2; singlet + jacket + jeans with simple make-ups
xde lebih2..
my first day was more like taking a tour to campus & meeting old friends
there are few friends yg bru masuk this semester
my classes cancelled on Monday
phewww~ more time to lepak2

this is when we're in taxi going to Pavillion
aten is going to hold a birthday party
so im doing her a favour
show her what i like and basically hows my ideas on the party theme of gifts

aten took this when we're in Memory Lane
this penguin is super soft! im loving it! 
rm99 kot! mesti sedap la kn..huhu!

later that night i went out
then later i ate burger for dinner

this picture is taken on our second day of school
both of us wear something with hood
haha! mcm berjanji je
someone said bju ni ke laut
dont wear this often..not good

this is taken during our first Introduction to Drawing's class!

this is also during drawing class
since it was a FOUR HOURS of drawing class, this is what happened
we got bored and tired!

thanked God that i dont have to go back by my own
its scary to look at Dang Wangi
i hope, after this the bus schedule changed or maybe someone nice could sent me back
*finger crossed*
later that night i went to Nilai to get few stuff that i forgot to take last week
i had McD's nuggets and fries for dinner

today, i didnt take any pic
i got 3 classes today
2 hours each and 1 hour break after one another
but the class in enjoyed the most was the Digital Photography's class!
my lecturer is super funny!
i hope he will remain funny & cool throughout the semester
*wink wink*
im super excited that im going to learn more on photography
the thing that i enjoy the most
i love taking picture and i enjoy being taken

im going back to Penang this Friday
Ibu asked me & amir to come home so that we will be driving together back to Kelantan
in going to have extra 2days of holiday because of Chinese New Year and i will be back on Tuesday!
im going to have another birthday cake & celebration in Kelantan!
yay! im super excited!

so now i have to get back to my assignments
i'll update more on other things happened (or not happened) pretty soon!!!


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