Thursday, January 26, 2012

tired + excited + happy

hello darlings!

this week have been a week thats full of walks! me and my friends went outings looking for books..and the most important thing is to use the book voucher before they expired. haha! there have been ups and downs during the search of the bookstore. well, im actually need on sketchbook A4 sized. thats all.but if i were to use the voucher, i have to use in round. meaning that, rm50 or rm100, or rm150 or rm200. 
i have difficulties in getting things to be round off to rm50. i even have to add 2 lollipops and i still have like 40cent balance. haha! im not really a good stationeries and book shopper i guess. even today, i went to Sungei Wang to look for graphic books. yup, i found it! but i dont really like the books there. i prefer Kinokuniya in KLCC better. its not because its in KLCC okay!

ha, after being 'nagged' on how i eat, i am now on green diet. it called green because its fruits and vege more than everything else. and i spend like 1hour running in the gym everyday. superb tired! but then, there's no harm trying right? we'll see where it goes..haha! berjaya ke..tidak ke..

i have 1 more great thing to be happy about.

do u see that? i got 60 page views for yesterday..! wooooaaaahhhh! thank u guys for keeping in touch with this blog. u guys have been really wonderful to me.

take care darlings, have a great weekends ahead! see u soon!


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