Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Page View Record

its time to say goodbye to others before talking our own path..hehe!
not soo goodbye cause im gonna see them again. hehe!

getting fatter and fatter each and everyday!

im trying my very hard to get close to this lil girl! hehe! 
da bleh da ade anak sendiri..but my hubby yg akan take care of the kids. hehe!

hello darlings!

guess what? i just checked my audience stats.
before this, i never check. xtau la npe hari ni check pulak..
OMG! i was super surprise to see how that there are people who actually read my blog. 
cerite yg mrepek2 each and everyday ni pun de gak org nk bace. 
thank u soooo much guys! 

can u see that? 45 page view in a day? 
im more than proud of myself that i got that kind of numbers.
for a nobody like me to get that kind of number is beyond expectations!

and Malaysia is not the only country that viewed my page! 
thank a lot u guys! 

x o x o

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