Wednesday, March 7, 2012

안녕 !

greetings from Korea!
hello darlings! 

sorry for not updating on my Korean trip
ive been busy. i went out early in the morning and came back at night. with very limited internet access. today, i got extra time! yay! so i can update a lil bit on my trip

Day 1
i arrived at 620am *Korean time* then we went straight to the hotel. to experience the traditional Korean house, we took guesthouse. the room is not really spacious. but its just nice for just 3 of us. to get to this guesthouse, we took the Metro, the subway line. Korean Metro is kinda confusing. in order to get to the guesthouse, we have to take the one that going to Jung-no. well, to get to Jung-no, we have to change the metro line like twice or 3 times..its tiring..
at the airport, i was stuck at the immigration's..for like one hour! 
as soon as we arrived at the guesthouse, we take a rest a lil bit, the we went out. ive make appointment with a friend of mine, JJ at 12 noon in front of the Changdeok-gung.
touring around Korea was really nice! and it was super super duper cold! i always wear triple layers of clothes when i go out.
after that, we went to Myeongdong and Insadong

Day 2
today i went to Nami Island. to get to that place, its really tiring. we took the Metro to get to the nearest station to Nami. we really enjoyed Nami Island!
after that, i we went to Namdemon Market
nice place to walk around
and i really enjoy Hotteuk! 
its the street food! yummy!

Day 3 
today we went skiing! 
its my first time skiing..during my visit to Switzerland, i didnt get the chance to ski..because it already end of season.. too bad.. :-(  but here, in Korea i got the chance
this time, ibu get us private and personal ski instructor. he taught us how to ski the right way.
at first, it was really hard!
but me & Amir are very fast learner! even our private instructor is amazed with us. hehe! we were really having soooo much fun over there!
u guys can check out my pics in my facebook!
thanks for reading!

p/s: i really2 miss my darling! thanked God that i still got to talk to him even that we're super far apart! thanks to Facebook for keeping us connected! miss u darling! <3


  1. annyeong !!

    sound like tiring..hihi..gald u had so much fun there..

  2. Mmg tiring! But okay la..ibu hired instructor..or driver..snang sket