Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Studio Shooting

hello my dearly darlings..
as promised, here's update on my first studio shooting

i never shoot anyone in studio before
but then, for my Digital Photography's assignment, i have to use the studio
play with the lightings, shadow and so on..
it was really fun
i went there with Mek's group, other than me, and Fatin Athirah and our model
the outcome?
i can say that im super proud of myself
i never learn how to take photos before but i manage to take those photos
so, after some editing, here is the outcome:
i like this pic! haihhhh! tergode..cane? hehe!

after lots of consequences, we manage to get shoots that we wanted
to those helping, thank u super duper much!
especially to my model, thank u soooo much darling! ure my life saver!


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