Thursday, March 1, 2012

late updates..again :-(

olla darlings!

so here are updates on my activities during last weekends


well, i did went out later that late afternoon with mr.Simple after his hockey game. we'were super starving! die sampai shaking la sbb hungry..huhu! so, we went to Alamanda Putrajaya to get our late lunch at Nando's. hehe! thats his first time. so he's kinda not into Nando's..hurmmm..lain org lain citerase kn? after that, we went cruising around KL..then later he sends me back to hostel. (>.<)
oh ya..he lost the hockey game.. :-(  try harder next time yea darling!
nasib baik la xjd mcm anak keling..haha!


my superb mr.Simple sends me to campus. im going to AKAR KUKUBESI's event held in Shah Alam. its for my Digital Photography's subject activities. before he went off, we managed to grab our breakfast at Pak Hassan together with my classmates and our very Sir Amad. hehe! kesian mr.Simple..tbe2 je terjebak dgn budak2 UniKL..huhu! but look at the bright side, u got to know my classmates right? hehe!
so, i went to that Gallery Shah Alam by UniKL's bus. honestly, i enjoyed being there hanging out with friends than going for the real purpose. huhu! we took lots of pictures! suddenly everybody turned into camera-freak!
well, we're forced to listen to a talk on 'INDIE-PRENEUR'. cukup la dgn entrepreneur and technopreneur..dont add more.
then we went back to campus around 4pm.
penat gile! and guess what? the fever come back..yeah! 

*Sir Amad mmg chill!*

the best part is that, mr.Simple came to hostel and bought me McD's porridge! awwww..thats super sweet of u..and he brought meds, tp salah..not for fever..for gastric.. :-(
hehe! but its okay..thank u soooo much!


the good thing  about my Monday is that my Innovation Management's class is cancelled!
so guess what i did to fill that empty time?
i went to get that superb Cheese Naan with Fatin Athirah and Faten Nadhirah (Mek). thats their first time. before this, they only hear about it. but that day, i actually show them that place! hehe! 

muke demam tp still gatal nk jugak jalan jauh2 to get this naan
*sume nk wat pose yg same!*

then hafiy pulak nk join..sibuk je!


the day that i dont like the most!
the day that i got Intro to Drawing's class!
before class, i went to SME Bank's clicnic to check on my unstoppable runny nose and my ever ache foot.
so it turned out that im no longer have fever..and i did not sprained my ankle..hehe!

so this is one of the outcome of my works for Intro for Drawing:
the good thing is that i dont have to REDO! yay! super happy!
mr.Simple pick me up after class at 830pm..then we went having our dinner in Keramat. i had Laksa Johor while he ate Nasi Beriyani Gam. i dont know whats that 'gam' stand for..or whats the different between Nasi Beriyani and Nasi Beriyani Gam. huhu! but then, the Laksa was delicious! i love it! because it didnt use the ordinary yellow mee.. instead, spaghetti's mee is used..nyummmm!
thanks yea mr.Simple for the dinner!

TODAY --->

i got class at 9am. i forced Adiana Othman and my another roomate, Tinie to walk with me to campus today. hehe! before we got on the train to Dang Wangi, we made a pitstop at the San Francisco Coffee to get my Caramel Latte. nyummmm! sedapp! but not as good as the one my mr.Simple got me..hazelnut + caramel..haihhhh! i like the one from Starbucks more..not because its from Starbucks okay! because of its taste..
then as soon as i finished my class at 430pm, mr.Simple came and picked me up. we had Ayam Penyet in Festival Mall for lunch. well, im quite starving cause i only ate sandwich this morning! 
well, habis i makan sume yea! nyum nyum nyum! maaaakan je kje! then we went lepak2, talking2, laughing2..til 9pm, then he sends me back to hostel.. :-(
i wish i got no curfew..

i just finished my report to be submit tomorrow.
so now i got clothes to pack.. 
i cant wait for my vacation!
but before that, i got my own personal vacation tomorrow..hehe!
movie + sightseeing + walking + talking + eating + laughing
doing things that i always love!

well, that are all i got to update now..hehe!
do stay for more yea


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