Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hello bloggies!

Last thursday, which is the first of March, i went outing to Melaka. After my class, mr.Simple fetched me from campus then we went straight to Melaka. I was hungry at that time. As soon as we reach Melaka, we went to Dataran Pahlawan Mall. Tgk crite Cinta Kura Kura..well, nothing good about that movie. Biasa2 aja..while waiting for the movie, i ate hotdog and he ate meatballs..
After that movie, we went to Jonker Street to get ice kacang..nyum3! Kalau cuace panas, mmg lg superb! Tp sbb da petang, sooo not so nice da..we had that ice kacang while sitting on the bench near that Casa Del Rio hotel..near Melaka River Cruise. Our first date, on my birthday in January..teringat!
So then we went to Subaidah near that MITC to fill up our tanks..haha! Double cheese naan! But i prefer that naan kt Medan Tuanku.. :-( but still, we're enjoying our dinner..then we went back to KL. We then went to MidValley! To catch that Safe House movie. Kinda loooooong and dragging movie. But its better than Haywire. Well, to be honest, i slept during that movie..sorry mr.Simpl that i have to leave u watching that movie alone..
Next day? FRIDAY! i have to go to campus at 10 for my another studio shooting. Mr.Simple wait for me til i finished..then he sends me and Fatin back to hostel while waiting for him to perfoms his Friday's prayer. Susah nk jmpe lelaki yg nk g smyg Jumaat ni. Die ckp die xnk lmbt sbb nk dgr khutbah. And die jugak kate, kne dgr khutbah bru la lengkap smyg tu..waaahhhh! Bagos btl!
After smyg, he picked me and Fatin and we went to MJ for our late lunch. We had pizza! Nyummm! But well, i ate spaghetti..Aromatic Thai..sedap!
Then, i have to attend my Drawing's class 5pm..and finished at 8pm.. Mr.Simple pick me up..and sends me back to hostel..ibu is going to get me at 930pm..oh, i have to say goodbye..:-( before that, something good happened to both of us..hehe! Super duper hot! And i learnt new thing! New feeling!


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