Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Genting Trip

olla darlings! 
here's update on my Genting Highlands' trip
we went there on Thursday, hoping that there are not many people on that hill
but instead, many rides are under maintainance..even Flying Jumbo!
ahhhh! thats my fav!
but then i went on that Pirate Ship and that indoor F1 rollercoaster. boleh laa..
and we enjoyed bumper cars. haha!
there's stupid incident where, there is an middle aged guy always want to bump into me and Fatin Athirah. haha! 
langgar org kuat lak tuh! damn! skt perut!
so here are some pics taken from up there:
 excited mood on!

 papparazi! haha!
our first ride! 
 free acrobatic show!
 *camera freak!*

 haihhhh..anak sape la yg sopan sgt nieh? *mata pandang ke atas, tgn ke bahu*
 we're like twins!

 bumm bump bump time!
indoor rollercoaster!

we had sooooo much fun that day! Fatin and Daus smpi tertido on our way back home..hehe!
i really look forward for our next trip together!


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