Monday, March 19, 2012

Internet & Weekends to be remembered

i couldn't thanked to the person who invented the 'internet'
but now im really2 fed up with my internet connection!
i wanted to update my Korean trip for day 3, 4 , 5 and 6
but i guess this is not the time

so, my weekends?
i spend my days with my darling
wondering around KL
and we went to Putrajaya on Saturday for the hot balloon festival
hurmm..unlucky me - cause no more tickets available
well, the best part is that i met Fatin Athirah Roslay there
she and her parents opened a stall for Nasi Beriyani
well, ive been craving for that since the last time she gave me nasi beriyani with gulai daging
but this time, i got Ayam Masak Merah!
yeah! at last!
then g Alamanda cri our stuff
my darling got futsal training that night at 830pm in Shah Alam
so he sends me bak to the hostel to get ready then later at 11pm he came and picked me
we'll hangout
cause we got photoshoot on the next day
hanging out was really2 nice!
well, i showed my cooking skill by cooking sardines..hehe!
jadi, okeh!
i was super duper nervous!
so, on 18 March 2012 - my first time ever cooking for my darling!
and last night me, my darling, Fatin Athirah and Firdaus (her bf) went out for dinner
our first double date too! hahah!
dinner kt kampung baru je pun
trase mcm nk tomyam, kailan ikan masin dan lain2
so the we ended up ordering : tomyam campur, kailan ikan masin, daging masak merah, ayam halia, and telur dadar! hehe! it was really nice!

nothing makes me happier than being with the people who appreciate me
fighting & arguing with ur BFF will prove that ur relationship is strong..she will never walk away from matter how bitchy u are
in my case, thank u sooooo much Fatin Athirah for still being with me and enduring my some-time-stupidness! hehe!

i'll update my korean trip when the connection is stable


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