Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 3 in Seoul, Korea

i went to Jisun for skiing trip!
 really2 nice
and guess what? ski is not meant for me
its tiring! but, im a fast learner. i can skiing within half an hour!
after putting all the stuff
damn! i look like that after wearing 4 layers of thick clothes!
first trial on sliding
my first fall
yay! we made it! 
me and my private instructor
this damn guy who bumped on me while skiing!
super tired!
cant take it anymore! legs are hurting!
lunch time!
my handsome lil bro!
getting ready to get my food

second slope baby!
we're done and ready to go home!

NEXT ---> wondering around Seoul.
Namdeamon Market and Nam Tower!

 on our way to Namdaemon..hunting for seaweed and kimchi to bring back home!

since i was here, i never miss the chance to put a love lock here..
 there are soooo many of locks! yg mcm nk kunci basikal pun ade! osah chenta eh kek pasangan eh!
 that bench is already senget like that. not because of us

well, thats about Namsam

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