Monday, September 17, 2012


i had to complete my assignments on interviewing a successful person
all i can think of is my parents. haha!
my dad, my mom or my step-mother
since my mom is far in Penang, so i have to go with either dad or step-mom
technically, my mom is very successful lecturer, as she is now going internationals. she dont just teaching in local universities, she also teaches universities abroad. so, logic for me that my mom is successful.
my dad, he is a businessman. he sells car, owns a few institute, and board member to a few companies. and again, logic thinking = SUITABLE!
lastly, my step-mom, i think that she is successful because she owns 2 spa in Seremban. she is even featured in a tv program for RTM. and she is also part of Program Pembangunan Wanita in again, logic thinking! hehe!

the things is, me and Fatin have to prove that we meet that person

last Friday, a day before my dad's open house, mr.Saranghae send me and aten back to Seremban to get those pictures.
my dad in his corporate's shirt
here's another
haha! trust me, its hard to get him to gave me these pics! haihhhhh! puas memujuk!

secondly, my step mother;
but then we decided to go with my dad. so, ive completed the interview questions and answers and get aten to submit them yesterday..

before aten went back, 

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