Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Lunch

today i woke up, waken by my mom (yup! she is here. for a conference) at 645am to perform Subuh prayer.
then, i melayan my mom getting ready for her conference..sambil terkelip2, dlm ke-mengantok-kn yg amat..
then i sent her to PWTC
well, at first my mom nak naik taxi la kononnye..sampai je kt simpang that i was supposed to drop her off, "mira hantar je la ibu g PWTC trus. pg2 ni xjam kot.."
haha! nasib baik i brought my driving license..dah la kluar dgn xmandi and gosok gigi..!
but i still forgot to bring all my 3 communication devices! haha! 

after i got home, i update my blog, talking about things that happen lately - scratch!
but the truth is, i want to tell u guys that i feel and i got scratch on my knee!

then, i made plans in my mind..for my lunch
Aten by accident is here, in campus *ignore the fact that here <==> campus*
so i invited her to join me and mr.Saranghae 
well, my plan is to go to IKEA! after a really tiring week, i need meatballs to pass through my throat
its been a good tense reliever
who would resist IKEA's meatballs? yup, no one.
i tried their new menu : chicken legs served with fries and bbq sauce
my darling, as usual : 20 meatballs!
our side dishes: chicken wings and some king of tart
aten? hehe! 10 meatballs
happy je muke sume dpt mkn..hehe!

after meatballs, jalan2..kononnye nk bg cepat penghadaman..huhu!
but then i found myself ended up buying things from IKEA
so its window-shopping-turn-to-actual-shopping

and not to mention, before going home i bought ice cream as my last desert!
yup, im getting fatter! haha!
owh yea..i almost forgot..i bought 1 dozen of the famous IKEA's curry puff! nyummmm! half for me, and another half for my darling to bring to work..
da mlm2 nnt mesti lapar pnye lah! 
and later my darling will say "nasib baik Alia blikn curry puff ni..ade gak bende nk mkn"..haha! 
btw, thank u darlings (aten and mr.Saranghae) for accompany me for lunch today!
i had a great time!
and sorry mr.Saranghae..i totally forgot that u got ur afternoon shift bad

well, thats all for now
will update soon with more things that happened in my life!

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