Friday, September 7, 2012

Shooting + Interview + Preparations

Fatin had to come to Seremban for shooting.
so i took her to my house to meet my Abah, Mama and Wan with Aflah
we had lunch, then start our shooting

those are Tapai specially made by my super awesome grandmother, Wan
and there we are, posing when we saw the camera 

we decided to go out to take some fresh air
i wanted to bring them to the famous Leman Dawi's cendol..
unfortunately, its closed today 
here we are at my mom's SPA 
i was telling her on how to use this, what is this for..and what not 
this photo is taken before she went back to KL with Aflah..
well, accident happened to her
luckily, its all solved

and as for my open house preparations,
the canopy, tables and the chairs are already well organized!
so, the people who come tomorrow will not enter the house as the eating place is under that canopy!

this is my youngest brother
posing for the camera!


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