Monday, September 17, 2012


i always, like really always thinking about this
what is the meaning of that word actually?
if i trust someone, will that someone break my trust?
all this while, ive been trusting people a lot!
but at the end, what happened to me?
to those who broke my trust, do u have any idea how turned my life now?
u guys are the most painful things that ever happened to me
i wont wish u well, dont worry
i made me fell so hard, on a concrete
yes, i cant do anything to u
but im praying that u'll pay MORE than what u gave me

dont think that i always smile, means i dont know u
i am smiling because i am super happy to see u, knowing that u have no idea that i knew
thanks for making me more stronger than before
as i grew older, i met soooooo many kinds of people
and i prayed a lot that i wont meet people like u

pretend like u dont know anything, but u do know
when being asked about assignment, always answered "i dont know how" but the truth is, ure already done it
talks bad things about me behind my back
u wish i dont know didnt u?
well, unfortunately i knew
and i am smiling
u know what? i dont have any feeling on helping u again
to trouble myself just to help u? NOT ANYMORE.
awak hebat kn? 


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