Sunday, September 9, 2012


so, today is the day where my Abah's open house took place
most of my cousins are here today
its really nice to see people coming
well, this is the time where i got to see how big is my family 

here are few photos taken
Ika + me + Fuad 
my beloved grandmother whom i called Uwan 
my mr.Saranghae 
Tasneem + Ika + Fuad + me + Uwan 
haha! i accomplished my mission to asked Uwan to show peace! 
Ika + Fuad + Amir + Uwan 
my Sis + Ika +  me + tasha + uwan 
amir + fuad 
ika + amir
this photo is taken to show the relationship between them = SEPET! 

the food!
longtong + ayam percik + laksa johor + kuah kacang + kari ayam + pulut kuning + sambal sotong
to those yg dijemput tp xdtg, anda sgt rugi..haha! 
me + Abah 
the ayam percik 

besides open house, we got to celebrate Mama & Abah's wedding anniversary
the cake was given by Datuk K 

Uwan looked very very serious 

my mr.Saranghae wanted to go back already 

the cute amka + tasha + nani

well, thats it for my open house
to those who cant make it, well see u next time..huhu!
insyaAllah, thn depan ade lg..*kalau rajin*

im super tired!
its time to sleep now
goodnight people! 


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