Tuesday, September 4, 2012


its not about missing someone..

its something else.

 its easy for us to get mad over something
it may be really our fault..or maybe just misunderstanding or miscommunication 

dont just assume something
i just had it
i was super ugly
soon after i read that, my tears just dropped
and i couldnt stop it

i dont know whether im sick because of the hot, and cold weather..
or..because im too sad and im pushing myself too hard to forget that moment

i was never jealous of anyone
"dah rezeki dorg kn.."
thats what ive always said
ive no iri-hati-kind-off-thing..seriously
i know what im capable of and not capable of
sudah sudah la tu..
im tired of all this
u can do what u want to do

that was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me
the more i think of it, the more im sad
how could..

how could you..


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