Friday, September 14, 2012


ive been terribly busy
with assignments and all..haihhhhh..

ive been eagerly to update my blog since days ago..
well, here i am after my last post on my dad's open house

last Wednesday, i tried new place
just in front of my campus
quite okay to my throat la..and we call the restaurant, "restoran ayam dare"
hehe! Malay enough for me to pronounce it! haha!
well, its something different than what i usually had everyday = NASI AYAM VISION

this is what i had that day
it served with chilli, but for me it is not that spicy
this cost me RM5.50
next time, i'll try their nasi kukus ayam dara
to those who know this place, try it
maybe you'll like it

yesterday, which is Thursday..UniKL held an Open House
they served lots of food to eat!
ice cream, laksa, nasi kukus ayam berempah, roti john, roasted kambing, satay and soooooooooo many more.
something came up yesterday, so i didnt get the chance to try all..just a bit of this, and a bit of that
the good thing is, i invited  mr.Saranghae to the open house
so, what i ate, he ate too
thats his first time attending UniKL event
but sadly, we didnt pose for any photo yesterday..just me and aten.. sob..sob..sob..

its just me..or my eyes are really getting smaller?
and yup, no peace
we tried hard to be decent as ever yesterday!
yesterday was really hot! lot of people
and i have to line under the hot sun just to get the roasted mutton *well done, Alia!*
on my way to the car, i fell!
im lucky, nobody there!
*kalau tak, malu org tgk Alia jatuh!*
my bad..i am now having phobia on wearing heels..*can u believe that?*
i just take it as, its not my day..thats all

* * * * *
today is a free day for me since i dont have class on Friday
my mom is here since last nite and she stay here, in my room..
well, as usual la.."bilik ni bersepah.." "bilik xkemas.."
haha! well, im seriously not good with these things
she is here for a conference in PWTC

oh more thing..i got extra 2days instead of having just Saturday and Sunday for holiday!
*2days of semester break..ONLY 2 DAYS*
the punishment of having long break for Hari, they took the 3 days for replacement
well, its okay..i dont really like holiday..since my lecturer will give tons of assignments!

see? its stated here..hukhukhuk :-(

well, i think that are all that i wanted to mumble about this morning
i will continue mumbling more once i have things to mumbling about..hehe!

take care, and have a nice weekends people!

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