Friday, September 21, 2012

accident and my experience with GH

accident happened.
today early morning
my darling fell in the toilet

he called me, and i rushed to his house to pick him
i am super duper surprised that, the cut was really deep that i can even see the bones!
he is soooo lucky that im fast as lightning
went to the hospital at 1230am, and we went out from the hospital almost 4 in the morning! 
it was super duper slow! damn!
i was like "can u see, he got an open wound?!"
bru la nk ckp, "de lg 2 lg, next trun cik Aflah"
klu x tnye tu, mmg smpi subuh pun xsudah la kn..?

he went to get dressing for his cut
i thought, its settled. but nope. we have to go and get x-ray, then we have to wait for at least an hour before we got called to see the doctor..
ble jumpe the doctor, doctor said sbnrnye xpyah x-ray pun..buang mase je
then the doctor xtgk ape pun, trus nk prescribe ubat
then i asked "so, he didnt have to be stitched?", bru la the doctor asked him to open to see the wound
bru la nk buat suruh kebenaran menjahit..LEMBAB!
then kne g one small room to get ubat tahan sakit, in jab form..
then, went to the bilik menjahit to giv the letter..then again, we have to wait to be called..
and again..LEMBAB!
we have to walk!
after got the stitches, again..WE HAVE TO WALK TO SEE THE DOCTOR..AGAIN!
then, bru la doc prescribed meds
he prescribed him: antibiotic, pain killer, and meds fro gastric
for lebam kt belakang? NOPE! haihhhhh...
GH is super frustrating!
later, we have to go to private clinic pulak..
kan da kne wat kje 2 3 kali..haihhhh..

take care people!
be extra careful when ure in toilet!


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