Friday, January 7, 2011

2nd day in KL. last night i spend my night at Ila and Eza's place. sbb hostel xde org. nasib baik shabil dtg amek smlm. we planned to go out last night. but, i didnt go out. so tired. 
i spend my time at home with Ila watching korean drama, Doctor Champ. it started boring..but in time, i will be better. yeah, i didnt watch MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO yet. hehe! ive tried, but the first episode was so lousy, boringggg! thats when i stop watching. haha! but my friend suggest that i HAVE to watch this drama. its sweet. haha!
well, i will. when im bored soon. im going to start my industrial training this monday! super nervous! hehe!
later, i will go out with Shabil to MidValley. to buy my hostel's equipment (still xcukup). we going after Shabil finished his Friday's prayer. hehe!
thats all for now. tata!

x o x o

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