Wednesday, January 26, 2011

:: my payday ::

hehe! kinda interesting thing to update. huhu!
today, I GOT MY PAY!
even xsebanyak mne, but this is my first time dpt gaji.
im not going to spend that money (pray that i wun use that money).
i want to keep them.
lgpun, nnt kang ibu marah plak coz always spending. 
btw, im going back to Penang next week (insyaAllah..)
nk clean up my room's mess coz ade org nk tompang umah.
before she finds anything weird in my room, better that i keep them..huhu!
this is the money i juz got :

to my friends yg belom dpt paycheck, sabar la yea..ur day will come..
im going back in about 20 more minutes.


x o x o