Sunday, January 23, 2011

:: lumut ::

I'm staying in Swiss Garden Lumut. Yeah, today is sunday and I arrived here yesterday. Now, I'm on my bus going back to KL. What a short trip..huhu! Yesterday, sesi beramah mesre bersame sesiapa sahaja..haha! Then de BBQ buffet. Not soo impressing taste from a 4-star hotel. Kinda dissapointed..
Last night went kareoke. Huhu! This morning I wore my long dress to breakfast. Haha! Everybody was looking at me (maybe jarang kot..and I xpkai kain dlm..).
Juz now at the bus station, I met a few foreigner..sooo handsome looking! They're asking where am I going. Had a little conversation..huhu!
That's all for now. Will update ya soon, k.

x o x o

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