Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my 7th day as an intern

the work is starting piling up. 
and my body still ache EVERYDAY!
every morning when i wake up, i'll feel SUPER TIRED.
im still didnt think that WORK makes me tired, i think its because of the walks.
to be honest,
i NEVER walked this far before. haha! 

*muke innocent*

*tu la..dlu2 manje sgt..sikit2 nk naik teksi..skrg, hambik ko!*

but this is the time that i can prove to Ibu that i can be independent. 
so now, i am being very independent.
i walked when i want to get to the office, and i walked back to hostel. 
*sampai2 je pengsan*
now i know how tired people when they get back from work. haha!

the things i hate these days are:
1. sharing the same bus with Indians! i am seriously cant stand their smells!
2. bangla sengeh2 at me in the bus. thats TOTALLY eeeeuuuuuwww-ing mcm la handsome sgt. MENYAMPAH!
3. when my Touch 'N Go card wat hal. SERIOUSLY hate it. dah la org ramai kt blakang. hish!
4. driver bus bawak bus mcm roller-coaster. xbreak ble ade bumper. stupid!

 * * * * * * * * * * * *

last night gayut dgn Fatin Athirah Roslay a.k.a Aten.
sejam gak la gayut. 
ckp pasal mcm2. update each other with our new environment. hers seems to be nicer than mine. 
kinda jealous.
a lot of things me, to her..
Eza is malas nk kacau..(since ive disturbed her last weekend)
rindu plak nk jumpe Aten..

* * * * * * * * * ** * * 

my cousin plak, xde kabar brite..
im seriously, totally rse sorry sis..
i hate this ler..xbest klu die xBBM bot funny2 stuff..kutuk2 org thru BBM..
i miss her..

p/s: if ure reding this, sorry la wey. aku tau aku salah..jgn la majok2 da..aku da BBM ko byk kali ko xreply klu ko da okay nnt ko BBM la aku yea..aku tggu..

x o x o

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