Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I juz came back from dating! Hehe! Its been almost 3 days we haven't seen each other. I dragged Adiana Othman with me too. We went eating Japanese food. My choice? Of course MARBO TOUFU BENTO! Hehe! Well, today I got 2 sets of that. 1 for Shabil and another 1 for myself.
Last night I promised myself not to eat dinner tonight (on diet la konon). But on my way back, I've been thinking about having a date with Shabil. Since I'm going back to Penang next week alone for A WEEK. Mule2 xjd, but I couldn't halp myself..huhu!
I bought a mineral water in Jusco (Jusco's brand mineral water only cost me rm0.49 compared to the food court's price is rm2.00 for RO water! (Soooo not worth it) Then I bought deep fright sushi. Kinda nice..chrunchy!
I had so much fun tonight with both of them. Its just that duit xmasuk xleh nk shopping sgt..huhu!
Okay la, that's all from me. Daaaaa!

x o x o

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