Wednesday, January 5, 2011

* wink wink *

my birthday is juz around the corner.
im thinking of celebrating it with friends.
since my mom in Penang, my dad in Seremban and my brother in Cyberjaya. now im looking for a place where everybody can afford 
(cuz we are all students..and we hav to pay for ourselves..hehe! sorry guys, nnt ble i da kje, i blanje,k)
dah lame xmkn my own birthday cake. last time was like before my parents divorced. 
ive browse thru Secret Recipe's website.

trase mcm nk Bumble Bee je. 
super cute!
tp ble tgk2 balik, ni mcm kek utk budak2 going to be 21 this year!
sooo old!
well, bende2 ni sume still in planning process.
i'll update soon.

x o x o

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